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Hello Conduits,

We are back this month with another virtual SDTH meeting.

For April, you have your choice of attending 1 of three unique breakout sessions focused on giving you the techniques to improve your overall self-esteem and confidence.

These sessions will be engaging and fun and better yet virtual-friendly!

This invite is to RSVP for our “Connect” session run by Adam Rudder, founder and lead facilitator of Improv4Companies.

For details on the Inform and Empower sessions, check out https://www.meetup.com/SanDiegoTechHub/events/

*Note: We will all join the main zoom session as a group for the first 10 mins, then setup the breakout sessions during the meeting*

Here is a breakdown of the “Connect” session

“Increase Connection & Engagement Through PLAY!”

Adam Rudder, founder and lead facilitator of Improv4Companies, will take you through a fun and laughter-filled workshop where you will discover the power of play (and why connection is vital for the success of teams). This interactive, FUN workshop uses purposeful play, experiential group exercises, and gentle improvisation techniques as tools to better connect and engage with your team.

The experience is designed to delightfully immerse participants in collaborative and mindful activities in a playful and safe environment that fosters personal development and boosts confidence.

The technique focuses on the brain science aspects of improvisation and play and provides life changing tools so individuals can take home a better understanding of themselves. Adam has been leading his original purposeful play and improv-based trainings for nearly 20 years.

*Meeting Limit: 25*

– 5 min overview
– 1-2 warmup/icebreakers
– Followed by group activity on how to take risk and not fear failing, team dynamics, etc. based on how group responds, will adjust (improv!)

5 Key Take Aways:
– Embrace a “yes and” mentality
– Enhance communication and active listening skills
– Examine habits & default responses and develop new ways to approach a situation
– Learn how to make mistakes and face fears — productively!
– Identify key elements that create an inclusive and engaged workforce and foster deeper connection.

Note: Due to the 25 person space limitations, only register for this event if you are sure you can make it.

Zoom Information

Join from a Computer or Mobile: https://walmart.zoom.com/j/477961880

Join from a browser: https://walmart.zoom.com/wc/join/477961880

Or iPhone
877 853 5257 (US Toll Free)
888 475 4499 (US Toll Free)
Meeting ID: 477 961 880

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