The genesis of SDTH

San Diego Tech Hub began with a vision to foster diverse, authentic relationships within the talent and opportunities of our city.

Is San Diego a Tech Hub?

On Thursday, December 6, 2018, a small group of us asked that very question. As the discussion concluded, it became apparent that a unified front was missing. San Diego had some “tech hubbing” going on across Downtown, Sorrento Valley, and North County, however, these tech communities were operating in silos. This prompted the next question, “what could be accomplished if we ALL worked together?”

That thought sparked a movement towards change and became the driving force behind San Diego Tech Hub. Our goal was to create a community that was willing to invest in their hometown by building connections, creating opportunities, and helping others reach their full potential.

Claude Jones
SDTH Founder

Board Members

Our leadership team is made up of industry experts that help open strategic relationships which create pathways of opportunity.

Claude Jones
Claude JonesSDTH Strategy Lead
Sr. Director of Software at Walmart Labs
Peter Tiszavolgyi
Peter TiszavolgyiSDTH Engineering Lead
Owner/Managing Partner at Stylers Group
Attila Ambrus
Attila AmbrusSDTH Operations Lead
Owner/CEO at Hakott Inc.
Nick Parisi
Nick ParisiSDTH Marketing Lead
Co-Founder & CEO of Buildable
Danny Cohen
Danny CohenSDTH Board Member

Conduit Volunteers

We would not be successful without our volunteers. These are individuals turning their passion into action and giving back to the community.

Annalisa Clements
Annalisa ClementsMonthly Event Planners
Lisa Muldowney
Lisa MuldowneyMonthly Event Planners
Martin Danner
Martin DannerCommunity Interviewer
Senna Bayasgalan
Senna BayasgalanSocial Media Manager
Rylie Jennings
Rylie JenningsCommunity Manager


Far beyond financial support, our partners play an indispensable role in our community by adding deep industry expertise and knowledge and amplifying our vision.