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The first two cycles of death encountered by most entrepreneurs are (a) where do you get the first ~$5-10K to launch your company? (b) where do you get the first $100-200K to validate your idea? A lot of startups never make it past this point to even get in front of potential investors. This talk will focus on ways to break these money->validation->more money cycles of death.

Concepts Covered:
– Timing
– Need
– Type of funding (grants, loans, debt., equity etc.)
– Execution approach

The goal of Entrepreneurial Launch Pad is to equip entrepreneurs (startup founders & small business owners) with concepts and a practical understanding of starting and running the first 2-3 years of their companies. The workshop is being led by Rupak Doshi, CEO of OmniSync.

This is week 5 of a 6 week series.

Duration: 30 min + 30 min Q&A

Guest Conduit Speaker – John Sanders

Format: How the topic pertains to startups versus small businesses, concepts & misconceptions, real-life examples, and resources

Tips to get the most out of this program:
Have an open mind – this workshop is designed to provide practical education on real-world entrepreneurial concepts, some of which can be hard to digest if you have pre-conceived notions about things. So, try listening with an open mind and let’s have a discussion!

Keep notes on the ‘tips & tricks’ – every session will have real-world examples of how other companies and entrepreneurs have approached or experienced issues in their journey.

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