Higher Me

Elevating your skills to finding your dream job the right way.

Program Overview

Are you having difficulty finding a job or struggling to get your foot in the door for an interview? Well, San Diego Tech Hub has a program for you.

If you are a new grad, in career transition, or looking to improve your overall social engagement and start building relationships for the future. You have come to the right place.

Danny Cohen, and his team of experts, have come up with an innovative FREE program that will equip you with key concepts and a practical understanding of how to find a job and get hired in this fast-paced and competitive market. The goal is to put YOU in the driver’s seat where you are deciding your next step vs the companies.

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Here’s more of what to expect

When looking for a job, it is critical to have a strategy around who to contact, the frequency, what to say, how to approach various companies, etc.

Danny is offering a 30-minute session where you will get 1:1 time to define a clear strategy and a tailored action plan to help get you hired. The goal is to teach you the science and art of finding a job by following the key tactics focused on:

  • Building your professional brand
  • The etiquette of “behaving professionally”
  • Taking your career into your own hands Elevating your Career
  • Leveraging your network / Connecting with Businesses
  • Build experience without a job
  • Resume & Folio Review
  • Job Search Strategy
  • SWOT analysis; current vs future hope
  • Time Management
  • Mindset shift – working to strengths, passions, and goals
  • Define your Passion & Goals
  • Nailing the Interview Process
  • Negotiating your next salary as a program

What are the Prerequisites

After your register, Danny will contact you to agree on your initial 30-minute meeting. During the meeting he will align on your goals, define your action plan, and based on your process, Danny will work with you each week for 30 mins until you find a job!

Sound too good to be true? Signup today and see for yourself!

Tips to get the most out of this program.

Have your CV ready.

Bring your curiosity. Ask questions. “What are you working on today?” “Where do you work and what do you do?” “How did you get started in tech/software?”