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Meet the Conduit leaders who know what it takes to build, grow, and scale a startup.

James Davis
James DavisFounder, Dispersion IQ
Paula Dragu
Paula Dragu

Program Overview

The LaunchPad program is geared towards helping startup companies (with the condition that tech is used as a core component to solve a problem) and entrepreneurs build the fundamental knowledge required to launch a successful company.

We believe that access to information, resources, and knowledge are vital to growing a path for success within the San Diego tech community. By providing a platform that fosters the foundation to success, it will allow beginners to more experienced entrepreneurs learn and gain holistic insight into the road ahead.

Success for this program is getting you to the stage where you can present your idea in front of investors for potential funding. With the knowledge gained, you will have the ability to set your own path of creating your destiny.

There are multiple ways you can get involved:

  • Join as a startup or entrepreneur with a growth goal
  • Help mentor and coach, as an individual or company
  • Contribute as a partner

All this and more!

  • Ideation Stage tracking and gating progress strategy (Where am I in the startupprocess? Ideation, MVP or going to market?)
  • Workshops
  • Quarterly rounds or tracks for cohorts
  • Crowdsourced feedback

Don’t miss out

We define LaunchPad participants into three categories

Beginner – Validating your idea

  • What are the right metrics?
  • How should I pivot?
  • What kind of feedback do I need?
  • What does the market look like?
  • Can this get funded?

Novice – I built an MVP, now what? Identify core strengths and strategies to grow smarter

  • Legal entity and set up
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product core feature development
  • What kind of marketing should I start doing?
  • What kind of funding do I need?

Advanced – How to build the scalable and repeatable processes for growth

  • Deeper market validation
  • Partnerships and sales
  • Operations and team management
  • Funding