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Ryan Rusnak
Ryan Rusnak
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Shane Chapman
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Brynn Cunningham

Program Overview

San Diego Tech Talks was started to address the problem that every tech company in San Diego seems to face: low talent density in San Diego. The issue with this problem is that it is a complete fallacy. There is tons of talent all around San Diego. What our city lacks is not the talent, but the serendipitous interactions of more dense cities. San Diego Tech Talks was started to get smart people to regularly get together to learn, collaborate, and show the community that we have all of the talent we need right here to accomplish any task.

Our mission is to bring high quality content to the San Diego community about once a month to bring people in the tech community together that may not interact under normal circumstances. The talks are usually a blend of two disciplines to get people interested in tech that may not have had a previous avenue into the discipline. For instance, how is machine learning affecting finance? A talk like this will bring out people that have backgrounds in everything from standard finance to machine learning.

You can think of SDTT as TED Talks, but live and in San Diego. At each event, companies will get a chance to broadcast opportunities at their companies and individuals will get a chance to announce their skillsets to continue to grow and diversify our community.

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Here’s more of what to expect

Every month, please join us to see high quality speakers that are experts in their field. From how to beat the stock market using machine learning to using a neural network to mimic Kanye West, San Diego Tech Talks has had some amazing presentations and will continue to do so. Each month attendees will get the opportunity to share with the group if they are hiring or looking for a new opportunity. Come network and enjoy free food with amazing people and content. 

Tips to get the most out of this program.

Come out every month and interact with your community. SDTT gives people of like minds opportunities to connect with others who they may not have ever interacted with in their day-to-day lives. People are solving hard problems all around you. Come meet them!

Arrive on time. Talks generally start right at 7:00 PM and doors lock soon after so please try to arrive on time.

Bring business cards for networking. You will likely meet a lot of people! Business cards or something similar can help maximize your connections.

Don’t be shy. Come meet great people you never knew were in your area. If you are looking for an opportunity, you will get the opportunity to stand up and describe your skillset. If you aren’t and your company is growing, you can also announce that opportunity as well.