Challenge and grow your tech skills

Program Leaders

Meet the Conduit leaders passionate about creating pathways to gaining new experiences.

Steph Huynh
Steph HuynhSoftware Engineer, Family Proud, Inc.
Dan Hendricks
Dan HendricksFounder, Open Source Maker Labs
Kevin Brewer
Kevin BrewerSoftware Engineer, Walmart Labs
Peter Tiszavolgyi
Peter TiszavolgyiBusiness Owner, Stylers Group

Program Overview

SDTH Tech Workout is an opportunity to challenge and grow your tech skills in new and rapidly evolving areas (i.e., high demand jobs). In many respects, this will follow the methods of a martial arts dojo, based on personal challenge and commitment, hard work, mentoring, and mastering incredible technologies.

We’re going to be taking deep dives into emerging technology areas and new processes that are in high demand. Many of these skills are so new that they aren’t in the education and training pipelines yet, but the industry is already moving forward in these areas. There’s a “skills logic loop” happening – the primary place to learn these skills is in industry, but to get these jobs, you need to already have the experience. We’re going to break that cycle and create pathways to gain needed experiences.

Tech Workout events will be for different levels from beginner to senior developers at the same time. We plan to have multiple groups at the events based on skill level. The benefits to the community are simple – to help developers to improve their skills and find better jobs and to help companies find new talents.

Don’t miss out

Here’s more of what to expect

We’re starting the program with a “workout” session every two months. In some respects, it will be like a one-day hackathon: there’s a specific challenge problem, centered around a new technology area, but without a specified path to a solution. You can work in teams, or go solo. We will have mentors and coaches to guide and lead, but not instruct.
In the end, you may not succeed in solving a specific challenge. But you will gain real hands-on experience with new technologies and engineering processes. Real experience that you can add to your résumé and Linkedin profile to demonstrate your capabilities. You’ll also be networking with many of the top professionals in our area.

Tips to get the most out of this program.

Come in with three things: curiosity, commitment, and tenacity. We’ll be doing new things that should be out of your skillset and comfort zone.

Have a “MacGyverism” mindset – be ready to use whatever resources are available to come up with an innovative solution to the challenge.

Document your efforts – your LinkedIn profile, social media, your résumé.

If you’re a master at some of the new technologies and processes, be a mentor (a “sensei”). Here’s an opportunity to give back to the tech community and have a real impact.