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Hello Conduits,

We are back this month with another virtual SDTH meeting.

For April, you have your choice of attending 1 of three unique breakout sessions focused on giving you the techniques to improve your overall self-esteem and confidence.

These sessions will be engaging and fun and better yet virtual-friendly!

This invite is to RSVP for our “Inform” session run by Anna Lee Ambrose, founder Create Balance.

For details on the Connect and Empower sessions, check out https://www.meetup.com/SanDiegoTechHub/events/

*Note: We will all join the main zoom session as a group for the first 10 mins, then setup the breakout sessions during the meeting*

Here is a breakdown of the “Inform” session:

Do you ever get that feeling of sadness or maybe it’s stress, anxiety or frustration when you know the weekend’s about to end? Or maybe you’re glad you have a job, but it’s not your ideal job, and the initial excitement is no longer there?

Would you like to learn how you can change all of that so that you’re actually excited about Mondays, and you can see a clearer career path?

Anna Lee Ambrose, founder of Create Balance, shares her vast career experience of 13 years in the hi-tech industry and the life lessons she learned along the way and how she transitioned to her current career of 6 years as a certified integrative wellness and life coach. She will lead attendees through a career case study that helps to demonstrate the power of perspective, and how when we “break our mental chains” that no longer serve us well, we are able to step out of our comfort zones and empower ourselves to make career choices that feel authentic to us.

Agenda for the session:

Introduction (10 minutes) — Who am I? What’s my background and experience in fueling my careers over the last 3 decades? I will share the valuable lessons I learned from my experience anticipating a career with zero fuel, zero passion and zero purpose.

Finding Your Purpose or Passion (15 minutes) — Are you doing what you love? Or are you just going through the motions because you have to work but find the work unsatisfying? In this self-audit section you will receive tools to help you decide what to do to make your current career more fulfilling.

Planning Your Future By Moving Forward With Purpose (10 minutes) — Are you clear in the direction you want to go? And do you know your why? What’s your commitment level? We will define some long term goals in this section to help you get started on creating an actionable plan.

Resources To Guide You Along the Way (5 minutes)

Q&A (remainder of the time)

Zoom Information

Join from a Computer or Mobile: https://walmart.zoom.com/j/477961880

Join from a browser: https://walmart.zoom.com/wc/join/477961880

Or iPhone
877 853 5257 (US Toll Free)
888 475 4499 (US Toll Free)
Meeting ID: 477 961 880

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